Documenting our Bonsai Adventure

Documenting our Bonsai Adventure

I’ve decided to repurpose the blog as a way to document our adventure into all things Bonsai. For me this started simply because I’ve had an interest in owning and caring for one since I was a kid. Probably lots to do with Mr. Miyagi to be honest.

Grace (my youngest) and I are excited about learning all aspects of Bonsai, starting with owning our first Chinese Elm who we have named “Li Na” and is estimated to be approximately 15 years old.

We want to start growing our own seedlings to become more understanding of tree growth in general. We will document our successes and failures and just enjoy the adventure of it all. One day we may even get to start styling some trees as well as looking forward to showing off the trees we acquire along the way.

We will also share examples of beautiful trees we’ve photographed, like this wonderful cypress seen at Louisiana Day of Bonsai.

We will try to publish here, Twitter and TikTok.

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